What are the attributes of a good Chairperson?

December 1, 2020

Bailey Fisher’s Managing Partner, Andrew Moore was pleased to contribute to a webinar with Hugh Minnock of Foresight Group and Laurence Whitehead of MHA MacIntyre Hudson, discussing the skills required by a Chairperson working within private equity backed companies.

Andrew spoke about the importance of spending time with management teams in the first 100 days to increase the chances of longer term success; the knowledge, experience and leadership qualities that successful Chairs possess, and how they utilise their skillset to drive business growth. Discussion turned to how private equity uses industry experts to help evaluate the merits of an investment ‘pre-deal’ and – with the right additions to the management team – how to support, challenge and fuel growth.

Andrew reported on the increased expectations that he has seen placed upon Chair/NXDs this year, alongside what makes a company attractive to an incoming Chair, including the potential for them to make an impact.

Despite the challenges of 2020, private equity and venture capital investment has continued, and with this, the need for great leadership and management has never been more crucial.

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