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Anthony Rice

Bailey Fisher Executive Search is pleased to have assisted Fourex, the World Money Exchange Self-Service solution, with the search for a CEO, resulting in the appointment of Anthony Rice.

Fourex serves customers across the UK at automated locations by providing currency exchange for 150 currencies in banknotes and coins, including domestic cash. Offering a first to the global market, Fourex is set to revolutionise the way in which consumers exchange money. Fourex kiosks are able to accept unsorted coins and notes, that are both in and out of circulation, from over 150 currencies at the same time, and pay out in either GBP, Euros or American Dollars in a fraction of a second.

The CEO search for Fourex was led by John Bridger, Technology Associate at Bailey Fisher, and resulted in the successful appointment of Anthony Rice.  Anthony has extensive global experience within dynamic currency conversion, including global leadership roles within Travelex based in both the UK and US.

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This search was managed by 

John Bridger

Director, Technology Practice

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