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March 27, 2019

Bailey Fisher & Women 4 Technology are partnering with the University of Cambridge on a unique in-depth study seeking to understand the composite factors shaping successful Founders and C-suite leaders across the UK technology sector.  The initial phase of the research, which is now complete, focused on female Founders and C-suite executives, resulting in novel insights to be published later this year.

The second phase of the research has now launched, focusing on male Founders & C-level executives.  Bailey Fisher & Women 4 Technology are inviting participation from technology Founders and C-level execs across the UK via an online questionnaire.  Involvement is completely anonymous and the questionnaire takes fewer than 9 minutes to complete.

Using advanced analytics, the research looks at a broad range of factors such as cognitive flexibility, risk tolerance, impulsivity, demographics, role models and work flexibility, amongst others. The research has been split into two phases to remove gender bias in the wording and types of questions.  Involvement in the research is completely anonymous and the University of Cambridge and affiliated staff will not have access to individual email addresses or any other identifiable information.

If you have any questions regarding the survey or the study, please feel free to contact the University of Cambridge team at

Should you wish to contact Bailey Fisher, please email Toby Young, Head of Technology Practice on or Women 4 Technology, email Ann Fisher, CEO on

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