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Making the most of your board

Our guest speaker is Shirin Dehghan, who has led winning teams within start-up, SME and larger corporates. As Founder/CEO of Arieso, Shirin led the growth of the company to exit to JDSU in 2013. Shirin is now Chairwoman of Opensignal, and a Senior Partner at Frog Capital, the London based European VC focused on scale up stage companies.

“Making the most of your board” with Shirin Dehghan

Bailey Fisher is pleased to announce Shirin Dehghan as guest speaker for our forthcoming CEO Dinner “Making the most of your board”. Shirin has led start-up, medium-sized and corporate companies, building winning teams and bringing disruptive products to market. As Founder and CEO of Arieso, Shirin led the growth of the business, before exiting to JDSU for $85m in 2013.