Silicon Valley Comes to the UK HealthTech Summit 2015

Silicon Valley Comes to the UK HealthTech Summit 2015

DATE: 5 November 2015
TIME: 2:00pm
VENUE: London

Bailey Fisher Executive Search partnered with Silicon Valley Comes to the UK to present the SVC2UK London HealthTech Summit: Patients and Doctors in 2025.

How will health technologies impact patients, doctors and healthcare systems in the next 10 years?

Through a series of short talks and discussion panels, we heard from leading Silicon Valley and UK entrepreneurs, investors and NHS leadership about disruptive technologies that are available now and how healthcare systems can adapt to accelerate adoption of these in the next 10 years.

Speakers included:

Daniel Kraft – Singularity University Faculty chair for the Medicine and Exponential Medicine program

Will Cavendish – Director General of Innovation, Growth and Technology

Catherine Mohr – Intuitive Surgical, VP Medical Research

Ali Parsa Babylon – CEO and Co-Founder

Aliza Marogy – Patient, Nutritionist and Founder of Foodoo

Andrew Thompson – Proteus Digital Health, CEO and Co-Founder

Vijay Pillai – Oracle, Director of Health Sciences Strategy

Vishal Gulati – DFJ Esprit, Investing Partner

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