Fantastic response to our research into female Founders & CEOs - 10/05/17

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The response has been incredibly positive to the research project that Bailey Fisher Executive Search has been undertaking in collaboration with the University of Cambridge into female founders and CEOs/CXOs. Sufficient data has now been collected relative to the number of analysed variables to produce a first-rate study.

Successful female entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the UK have taken part in the research since Professor Barbara Sahakian of the University of Cambridge launched the project at Bailey Fisher’s Women 4 Technology event on International Women’s Day.

The research project analyses a broad range of factors such as cognitive flexibility, risk tolerance, impulsivity, demographics, role models and work flexibility, with the aim of identifying factors influencing women’s success in business. The project focuses on serial or experienced company founders and business leaders with a track record of success, and analyses over 100 individual and composite variables.

The aim of the research is to suggest ways to encourage women to develop into leadership roles.  We hope that the findings may also help investors to identify early in the pipeline which female founders have the stars lined up for them to succeed.

We look forward to being able to share the findings of the research later in the year.



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