Bailey Fisher recent business articles - 10/10/14

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During 2014 Bailey Fisher Executive Search has contributed a regular monthly article to the Cambridge Business Magazine, the leading business publication for the Cambridge technology cluster.

Recent articles include:

The impact of technology on fashion
We talked to three experts at the intersection of fashion and technology: serial CEO Sarah McVittie, investor & futurologist Inma Martinez and VC Irena Goldenberg.

Technology is the best medicine
We spoke to four medtech experts, including serial international CEO Rosie Cunningham Thomas, about the key trends & biggest challenges in the sector.

Lessons learned as a company founder
We interviewed three founders of tech companies at various stages of the growth cycle about their challenges, successes and what to do when things don’t go according to plan.

Be a watchdog not a bloodhound
We spoke to 5 CFOs who have spearheaded growth in a variety of market-leading tech companies, including Tim Score of ARM, about the role of the CFO.

The role of the Chairman: value add or just a name?
We spoke to 3 entrepreneurial Chairmen; David Cleevely, Richard King and Laurence Garrett, about the role of the Chairman in growth technology companies.

Is the pull of Cambridge stronger than ever?
We interviewed serial entrepreneurs immersed in the Cambridge tech ecosystem and those drawn in from the US and Asia by the strength of Cambridge’s offering.

Future trends in technology
We talked to two entrepreneurial individuals playing a key role in corporate investment in disruptive technologies.


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